S. Korea injects first shots in public vaccination campaign


South Korea has administered its first available shots of coronavirus vaccines to people at long-term care facilities, launching a mass immunization campaign

More than 5,260 residents and workers at 213 nursing homes, mental institutions and rehab centers will receive their first shots of a two-dose vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University on Friday.

An unspecified number of patients and workers at 292 long-term care hospitals will also get the vaccine, according to officials at the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency.

South Korea plans to complete injecting the first doses to some 344,000 residents and workers at long-term care facilities, which also include mental institutions and rehab centers, and 55,000 frontline medical workers within March.

The next available vaccines are likely to go to workers at general hospitals, paramedics, quarantine workers and people over 65 years in age before broader groups of adults begin receiving shots in summer.

South Korea plans to secure enough doses to vaccinate 79 million people this year, well over its population of 51 million, through bilateral negotiations with pharmaceutical companies and COVAX, which was established to promote global access to vaccines.

Officials aim to vaccinate more than 70% of the population by November, which they hope would meaningfully slow the virus and reduce risks of economic and social activity.

However, experts say a safe return to life without masks would be highly unlikely this year, considering the need to monitor the vaccines’ real-world effectiveness and the growing spread of virus variants that are feared to be more contagious.

As of Thursday, South Korea reported 88,516 cases of the coronavirus, including 1,581 deaths.



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