Live: Australian Open Day 10MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 11: Ashleigh Barty of Australia looks to her team during her match against Daria Gavrilova of Australia during day four of the 2021 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on February 11, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by TPN/Getty Images)


She may have 19 less grand slam titles than the Swiss icon, but Ash Barty is poised to eclipse Roger Federer as the country’s most marketable athlete.

The world No. 1 is on track to surpass Federer as Australia’s most marketable athlete, as reported by The Age.

Despite missing most of the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic, Barty remains one spot behind Federer on The Gemba Group’s “asset power” rankings.

But regardless of how she fares in the second week of the Australian Open, Gemba managing director Andrew Condon believes Barty could leapfrog Federer in the near future.

“When you look behind the numbers, her likeability is higher than Federer’s, it’s just her awareness that needs to grow,” Condon said, as reported by The Age.

“More exposure through on-court TV time, but also through other media commitments and sponsor commitments is only going to put her in front of a wider audience more often, which will see her push up that likeability metric.

“She’s probably going to struggle to become more liked, it’s probably about her broadening her appeal.

“It sounds silly, because you and I go, ‘Everyone knows who Ash Barty is’, she’s incredibly well liked but her awareness is still around 70 per cent of Australians are aware of her, whereas at Kyrgios is 78 (per cent) – and that’s for all the wrong reasons.”

The Gemba Group’s “asset power” rankings

1. Roger Federer

2. Ashleigh Barty

3. Rafael Nadal

4. Cathy Freeman

5. Sally Pearson

6. Mick Fanning

7. Anna Meares

8. Steve Smith

9. Ian Thorpe

10. Mitchell Starc



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