CrossFit Style Training


    With all the choices and methods of exercise these days, many of us are confused about what is best and what will work for them. Hopefully I can clear up some of this confusion about fitness, and talk about what methods I feel are most effective.

    Being involved in the Fitness and Sports Medicine Industry for the past twenty years, I’ve seen and used every form of exercise machine, fad program, and group class imaginable. I’ve seen and done some scary things and have learned from my mistakes and observations.

    Let me mention “old school” methods of exercise and training. Exercise fads may come and go, but some things still remain constant. I remember my Physical Education classes back in grade school, and playing on the playground at recess. Those were fun times. Our Phys Ed teachers actually had the insight of getting us to exercise without us knowing it. They used things like balls, bars, ropes, obstacle courses, and certain types of races to motivate us as kids. We didn’t need fancy and expensive equipment to achieve fitness. Remember the squat thrust, mountain climber, jump rope, rope climbing, push ups and sit ups? Maybe we didn’t enjoy those so much, but they certainly got our hearts pumping.

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